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St Piran Statue

The 4metre  high St Piran statue, being carved at Mabe, will soon be complete and we are hoping it will make a visit to St Mawes in May on its way to the St Mawes Parishes in Brittany where it will travel on to the Valley of the Saints where it will join  the 99 other statues of Breton saints.

Our friends from the St Mawes parishes in Brittany are coming to Cornwall on the traditional Tuna Boat, ‘La Nebuleuse’ from the 5th May to collect the statue of St Piran, which will be on display in Falmouth prior to loading. After a brief visit to St Mawes around the 7th or 8th May, ‘St Piran’ will depart to Lezardrieux for unloading.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing project come along to the Millennium Rooms on Thursday 19th April at 7.30 when the sculptors Stephane Rouget and David Paton along with Ken Boullier will give an illustrated talk about the carving of the statue and its onward journey to the Field of the Saints in Brittany.

There will be light refreshments and singing by Du Hag Owr.