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Memories of the big storm March 1962

Dr Colson drove up the street about five minutes before this happened.
After the gale, we carried all the stock from top shop up to the congregational chapel schoolroom. Can't remember what happened to the stuff in grocery shop. I know the big cabinet freezer was washed from the front to the back of the shop by the water. Dad nearly drowned that night.
My Mum and Granpa Michel were working there at the time of the storm. I can remember having salt damaged Black magic chocolates.
I was 11, I can remember the sea coming right over the house - not splash, green sea. There was sea weed right at the back of the garden in the apple tree. And it looks so calm and harmless most of the time!
Those lumps of masonry are bits of road and sea wall.
I remember very well (aged 7'ish) being up in my bedroom watching the storm and the high tide beating the sea front. My parents had only just returned from a holiday in France. Father entered my room to greet me; we both turned towards the sea wall, father uttered " that walls going to break any minute". We didn't have to wait a minute it happened as he finished the sentence. That was a scary time!
Courtesy of Facebook Group members.