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Memories of the castle

I remember all the beach parties we used to have in the summer on the beach up by the castle and sometimes we used to climb over the wall and run around inside the castle. What a laugh!
I am 51, and we were climbing in and out of the castle when I was a kid in the 60's & 70's, reckon my brother and his friends were doing it before then as well.
I have a shameful confession to make...I used to smuggle a jam jar into the castle grounds and pinch the newts from the pond in the grounds and sometimes accidentally ...a goldfish.....and I sat on the cannon when the sign said to keep off it....And I am sure there is a ghost that haunts the underground area of the castle because it was always super spooky down there in the dark and the dank.
I wouldn't worry too much about pinching newts and tadpoles etc. I think we all did it as kids. We also used to sneak in, up the steps on castle beach without paying!!!!! Can you still do that?
I can remember having a bowl of tadpoles from the pond in my bedroom that turned into frogs and hopped out - it was probably only one or two, but I remember it as many more! Silver, our dog, tried to eat them. (That sounds as if I had a pond in my bedroom - you know what I mean!)
You could still climb in through that little fort thingy off the rocks a year or two ago, but I think it's boarded off now.
Courtesy of Facebook Group members.