Chairman's Report 2018

January 2018

St Just and St Mawes Heritage Group

Chairman’s report for the AGM

Thursday January 18th 2018


At the beginning of 2017 we were busy clearing the top two floors at Pomerys. We had found a buyer for the grand piano and secured a storage facility at Roseland Storage at Gerrans, which was very convenient. The auctions of some of the furniture which we could not keep were drawing to a close. The clearing of the property was completed after “The Big Garage Sale” in February, which raised a further £738 Any remaining items were given to Cornwall Hospice South West. By March we had raised some £6269, after costs, from the various sales. The clearance had taken virtually a year and had taken 400 man hours by 36 Trustees, members, professional advisers, and Gig Club members on 48 different occasions. Many thanks to all. A huge effort by all concerned.

Once the building was empty it became obvious that it was in much worse condition than originally thought. Working with The Gig Club we have had an asbestos survey which revealed some dangerous asbestos which has now been removed. A structural survey has also been carried out and we await the results which will indicate how best we can restore the premises to fulfil the requirements of The Gig Club and ourselves.

Telephone Box Exhibitions

This year’s exhibitions in the two telephone boxes has been about the churches in the parish. The box in The Square contained a brief history of each of the churches. The box in Polvarth Road contained information about Saint Mawes, his travels, and the many churches dedicated to him in Brittany. The leaflet describing a walk around the village to visit all the religious sites, which accompanied the exhibitions, has again been very popular. Thanks to member Yvonne for the computer work to create the displays and to Hotel Tresanton for the printing of the information sheets.

Web Site

During 2017 it became obvious that we needed a new web site so we commissioned a local firm to undertake this task. After several meetings to improve the layout and have training to manage the site, by the end of the year the site became live. It still needs further work to add labels to the pictures to upload new pictures and videos to our ever increasing collection. Dawn has agreed to manage the site to undertake this work. Many thanks Dawn.

St Mawes Day

November saw us celebrating our Saints Day with singing from Du Hag Our performing Sea Shanties and Cornish songs. We enjoyed Cornish refreshments and a talk by Cannon Boullier about the   huge statue of St Pirran which is being carved in Mabe, Cornwall and will, next summer, be sailed by traditional Breton sailing boat to Brittany to stand with almost a hundred other statues of Breton Saints in the Field of the Saints. Thanks to Alan and Ken and Du Hag Our for providing such an entertaining evening.


Looking forward to the forthcoming year we hope to make progress with the renovation of Pomerys, commissioning architect’s drawings, applying for grants to pay for the work, fund raising and launching a local appeal for support. Thanks to Dina Croft for agreeing to undertake the huge job of form filling for the applications.

In the forthcoming year we are to undertake a project to record the memories of the older generation. We hope this will provide memories of the buildings along the front, about the shops, pilchard sheds, houses and hotels and the people who lived and worked in them. One of our members Tim Lowe will be filming and photographing the project. We shall be working with professional group Storylines and the results will eventually provide valuable material for our Heritage Centre when it is completed. We shall be applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a small grant to cover the costs of the project.

I would like to thank all the Trustees who have worked hard over the year and to the members and the Facebook group who have contributed photographs and valuable information and comments on this very active medium.

A special thanks to Pip who has been our treasurer over the last 6 years. She has resigned from this role but is staying on as a Trustee. During her time as treasurer she has set up standing orders for membership, established a more complex accounting system and found us an Independent Examiner for our accounts. We are very grateful to her for the time and expertise she has brought to this role over those years.

Christine Williams

January 2018

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