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In 2015, following the death of Brenda Pye, the Roseland Gig Club and the St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group were very fortunate to inherit the generous gift of her house, Pomerys Garage in St Mawes. The Gig Club retained the ground floor of the old garage for their gig store and the top two floors of the building were left to the Heritage Group. It was Brenda's wish that her sitting room, on the middle floor, be kept much as it was when she was alive, complete with her art collection, and that it be open to the public. The other rooms on this floor are to become a permanent exhibition space for the heritage collection.

The Gig Club plan to reinstate a mezzanine floor above the gig storage area and this new floor would contain a fully-equipped fitness gym open for public membership and a meeting room with refreshment facilities. The Heritage Group intend to make the top floor of the property into a flat. Letting the flat would raise money for the Heritage Group and membership fees from the gym would provide the Gig Club with an income. These incomes will make the project sustainable in the long term.

Unfortunately, the building is in poor condition and considerable renovation is needed for all this to happen. The two groups are jointly applying for grants to repair the building and bring it up to the standards required for its future use.

We are hoping that by working together to renovate the building we can carry out Brenda’s wishes.

Brenda Pye's Legacy

The gift of Pomerys Garage to Roseland Gig Club and
St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group

Just Giving

We are in the process of setting up a Just Giving page to raise money to go towards the renovation of Pomerys.

To donate before this page is set up, you can write a cheque made payable to St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group and send it to:

St Just & St Mawes Heritage Group
9 Bohella Road
St Mawes


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