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Welcome to the photo pages relating to Carnivals in St Mawes

in the 90s - Procession










A Cundy float.



Dancing the Flora Dance cica 1992.




Tori Banner "The Shorter Oxford Dictionary"









JA and pals.


Gill Hitchings and Caroline Milnes.







The Red Sparrows fly again with Rosemary Teague, Jeanette Andrew and Anne Pascoe.



Sarah Andrew


The Red Sparrows fly again.



Harry Martin and Tori Banner plus friend.









Local Hellraisers and little devils.






A little devil (Laina Ferris and mum, Heidi).



Local Hellraisers and little Devils.



Colin Grigg and Frazer Cochrane.




Reggie and Julie Hitchings and Dave Cannon.



Sheila and Lucy Cannon.





Gladiators throught the stages with Hilary Austin.



St Mawes Players float.



Tom Banner outside Roseland cottage.






Tom Banner.



Tom Banner and Dad.



Tori Banner.



Delia and Charlotte Growcott.