These are pictures from 2 exhibitions we did in 2015


Pasco Brothers

Percy and Les Pasco at Trethem farm in the 1940’s

The girl on the horse is thought to be Jeanette Andrew nee Michell.

Harvest Time at TregearVean Farm

Henry and Joe Teague enjoying their pasty dinner beside a towed bagger type combine, shaft driven by the tractor


Percy and Les Pasco

The Hard Winter of 1947

Cart wheels couldn’t grip in the snow so the cart was converted to a sledge for deliveries. Here a young Hughie Michell can be seen helping with deliveries


Tractor and Binder

This picture shows a 1946 Fordson Major petrol Tractor.

It was started by a starting handle using petrol and when the fuel was hot you changed over to tractor vaporising oil (TVO). The binder is probably a Massey, Harris or Albion.

The binder was pulled by the tractor, it cut the corn and tied it in sheaves.

Mangol Harvest

A very popular winter cattle and sheep fodder was mangolds. These were dug in autumn and stored in the corner of a field in a mangol cave which was covered with straw and bracken, to keep them frost free.

Tea Time for the Family

Harvest time required all the family to help. This picture shows a family having their tea in the harvest field. Probably it was cream splits, heavy cake and tea taken down to the field in a can.

One of the first diesel Tractors

A young Cedric Thomas is seen here driving a Fordson Major Tractor, probably about 1953.

A Roseland Hay Harvest

Farming was very labour intensive in days gone by. Here a wagon with loose hay is being loaded on to a cart to be taken into the mowhay where it would be made into a large hay rick.


Waiting for our Supper

Three pure bred South Devon yearlings are hoping to have some tasty cattle cake for their supper. This picture is taken at Churchtown Farm

in the early 70’s.

(This is now Churchtown Mill)


Working Horses

Before the invention of the tractor, horses were used for all the heavy work on the farm. Here we see two medium sized working horses pulling a single furrow plough on uneven ground.